Bella napoli
Bella Napoli was founded in October of 1987 by Oreste Innocentti. Oreste, a native to Isla de Elba, Italy, came to Miami for better oportunities and he found it as restaurateur. Bella Napoli was the 3rd successful Italian restaurant for Oreste and… after just a few short years it became one of the favorite spots on the Beach for Miami High students, residents and bussiness professionals, some of which love to come in and happily tell their story when they first visited back 20 years ago and now they bring their own children. At present time Oreste´s only granddaughter, Roselyn Gallegos is keeping the recipe secrets. Bella Napoli has been serving the same great tasting, New York style pizza and subs for the past 22 years and hace slowly added other italian favorites to the menu that now consist of well over 150 dishes. A small family owned restraurant that strives to give everyone a wonderful home cooked meal, as Oreste made it years ago.


 In 2016 we were named Best Italian Restaurant of Miami Beach by the New Times

“When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, calzone, or even tortellini, there’s Bella Napoli. The low-key restaurant has been serving tasty Italian treats at bargain prices in South Beach since 1980. It’s harder to find a more delicious homemade gnocchi at any price in Florida than the one served in tomato, meat, pink, or alfredo sauce for $10 here. The pizzas are solid, and the calzones are exceptional not only in flavor but also in size. Though the wine list and ambiance won’t make a first date think you are a baller, if that first date can appreciate the simplicity of a house chianti and garlic rolls that melt in your mouth, he or she might be a keeper.”